Hexa-Cover A/S

Floating Cover – Industry

The Hexa-Cover Floating Cover is the optimum solution as a cover for almost any form of surface liquid, i.e.: Chemicals Chemical, Oil Oil, Leachate Leachate, Decoction Decoction, Food and Beverage Food and Beverage, Pulp and paper Pulp and paper, Hexa-Cover(R) Floating Tile Cover Fish farms, Slaughter houses Slaughter houses, Dairies Dairies, Cement plants Cement plants, Mines Mines, Dredging and excavation works Dredging and excavation works, , for controlling odor, heat loss, emission etc.

The immediate advantages are that Hexa-Cover Floating Cover covers up to 99,9% of the total surface (dependent on the geometry of this). This eliminates up to 95% of evaporation and ensures that the growth of e.g. algae is eliminated since sunlight cannot penetrate the cover.

A major and constant reduction of emissions (up to 95%) is achieved while offensive odors are reduced by up to 90%.

The Hexa-Cover Floating Cover is very easily installed. Roughly put, they can simply be poured onto the surface and under the effect of the wind and movement of the liquid will form themselves into a ‘lid’. They are so designed that the tile edges will ‘key’ into each other.

There will always be free access to the liquid, for example for measuring, emptying, stirring etc. There are no running costs attached to the use of Hexa-Cover Floating Cover. In fact, in most situations there will be a reduction of total costs, since water consumption will be reduced and there will be energy savings in connection with cooling and stirring of the liquid, the need to use additives (often harmful) will also be reduced.

Furthermore, time and energy resources will not be needed in connection with supervision following e.g. powerful winds. The Hexa-Cover Floating Cover design, shape and weight mean that the cover can withstand winds of up to 32m/sec. Therefore, in contrast to other solutions, there will be savings connected with repairs to the covering or tarpaulin, since the tiles will themselves recover their correct placing - also in the case of changes in the liquid level.

The Hexa-Cover Floating Cover is manufactured from recycled plastic without the use of Freon or other harmful substances; they are favourably priced and have an expected working life of 25 years.