Flow measurement at overflow sill for stormwater treatment facilities - Water and Wastewater

Application: Pipe with 1.5m diameter, overflow on the side. Part filled. Concrete construction.

Definition of Task

  • The stormwater overflow at the inlet are of a wastewater treatment is to be measured
  • according to mandatory surveillance.
  • According to ATV-DVWK volume, time and duration of overflow have to be measured


  • The non-contact ultrasonic measurement system Type NivuMaster has been used.
  • All established discharge characteristics, which may be selected depending on the shape of the sill, are stored in the transmitter.


  • Day totals and overall totals are recorded using integrated counters. For this reason no additional PLC is required.
  • Clear text menus lead the user through the system configuration process. The complete application parameters may be set up by a few settings.