Flow measurement in turbine intake for power plants - Energy - Power Distribution

Application: Rectangular channel 7.8 x 2.0 m (w x h). Part filled. Concrete walls due to bridge. Natural bed.

Definition of Task

  • Turbine intake shall be controlled permanently in order to make sure not to unload too much water from the river.
  • This is to ensure not to underload turbines due to low flow volumes but to switch the pumps off instead.


  • A transit time measurement Type NivuChannel has been used due to water quality and low suspended solids content.
  • A measurement point underneath a bridge has been selected in order to obtain the best possible profile shape.
  • The natural bed is tending to crossflow effects. Two measurement paths have been installed crosswise to compensate these effects.


  • Easy and robust installation
  • High accuracy
  • Reproducibility of readings
  • Reliability under all process conditions