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Flow measurement instrumentation for steam flow measurement for facilities, district energy - Energy

From facilities management to district heating applications, accurate steam flow measurement provides you with substantial savings on energy and maintenance costs. A multivariable mass vortex meter measures five process variables—mass flow rate, temperature, pressure, volumetric flow rate and fluid density—with one process connection.

In district energy applications, Sierra’s meters for measuring steam flow allow you to sub-allocate steam usage and report it directly to a central plant for increased energy efficiency. Since the mid-1990s, Sierra has been a proven supplier to the worldwide district energy market and become the meter of choice for the steam flow measurement industry, capturing 80 percent of the market.

Accurate Steam Flow Measurement Instrumentation

Sierra’s InnovaMass® is available in both inline and insertion versions to offer application flexibility when measuring steam flow in pipes. Perfect for superheated steam flow measurement, features of the InnovaMass include:

  • Available insertion model for economical installation on large pipe sizes up to 72”�
  • 30:1 turndown range for accurate flow measurement at low and high flows
  • Onboard diagnostics and fully field-configurable
  • No moving parts to clog

Start saving money at your facility or large campuses by taking control of your steam flow measurement. Choose steam flow meters from Sierra for more accurate and efficient steam flow measuring in your facility.