Flow Measurement instrumentation for superior natural gas measurement & control - Oil, Gas & Refineries - Gas

Precise measurement of natural gas requires high accuracy, low pressure drop and direct mass flow reading—all the hallmarks of Sierra’s immersible thermal, mass vortex and thermal mass flow controllers. Our mass flow controllers are ideal for natural gas flow measurement with 100:1 turndown and no moving parts, providing a robust MFC solution. Our natural gas flow measurement instruments can also handle liquefied natural gas (LNG) via our cryogenic mass vortex meters.

High quality natural gas measurement increases efficiency in boiler/burner control, fuel-to-air ratio, and custody transfer applications. The bottom line is the more accurate your natural gas measurements, the more money you will save in natural gas costs.

With over 25,000 units sold for natural gas measurement across the applications below, Sierra has a proven full line of natural gas measurement products from immersible thermal, mass vortex and thermal mass flow controllers, depending on your application. To effectively measure natural gas, our flow meters are easy to install and retrofit into existing piping, and have greenhouse gas certification.

Our digital communications solutions for use in conjunction with mass flow controllers for measuring natural gas also offer engineers and systems integrators full industrial system integration and networking capability with Sierra's industrial flow meters.