Flow measurement protected area drainage for flowing waters - Water and Wastewater

Application: Steel pipeline DN 500. Fully filled. Groundwater without any pollution. Measurement system permanently immersed. due to short calming section.

  • Detection of drained volumes in the low-lying protective dyke area of a large German river
  • High measurement accuracy despite short calming section
  • Immersed pumps and permanently overflown calming section require IP 68 for the sensors used
  • Maintenance-free measurement system required due to inaccessible measurement point

  • Due to the lack of reflecting particles in the medium the ultrasonic transit time measurement Type NivuFlow 600 was used.
  • To achieve high accuracy and to compensate the swirl downstream of the pumps a crosswise 2-path measurement with 4 sensors was installed.
  • To avoid maintenance measures the velocity sensors were installed directly inside of the pressurised line using welded nozzles and clamping elements.

  • High accuracy, reliability and free of maintenance