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Flue gas heavy metals on-line continuous monitoring solutions - Monitoring and Testing

According to US EPA IO - 3.3 standard method of heavy metals, flue gas heavy metals analyzer uses XRF nondestructive testing technology and flue gas automatic enrichment technology to realize the accurate measurement of flue gas heavy metals such as waste incineration plants, cement plants, thermal power plants, etc.

Using X-ray fluorescence method, the system includes particulates enrichment modules, roll membrane module, analysis module and control module. It consists of automatic filter membrane filtration system which realizes the metal particles enrichment and automatic position replacement, and XRF analysis system which realizes the accurate analysis of enrichment elements on filter membrane.

  • Accurate measurement of heavy metal such as lead, mercury, chromium, arsenic, etc. can improve measurement accuracy of particular element by choosing detection system and can extend elements according to customer’s demand.
  • The host uses the international standard case, convenient installation.
  • Instrument has high reliability and stability, long trouble-free operation of the continuous monitoring.
  • With multiple data transmission mode, can realize remote transmission, monitoring and inspection of operation parameters, status, and data.
  • Advanced low radiation detection system, no worries about any radiation.
  • Science and mechanical design optimizes the collection, transmission and measurement process, improving the overall instrument performance.
  • Direct LCD touch control, convenient debugging and use.