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Food Waste Recycling, Reduction or Disposal Systems for Education Sector - Government

Multi Site University Campus: Leading the curve, Universities in particular were among the first sectors to realise the importance of dealing with food wastes and as early as 2006 the Universities took to Rocket in vessel composting and food waste dewatering. With multi campus applications and the importance of cost saving through the bulking together of wastes, bringing food wastes into a centralised process made most sense. Each of the campus refectories taking on Dehydra food dewatering systems to minimise the wastes before being transported to a centralised in vessel composting system. The sites tending to have grounds and gardens on which to utilise compost – a perfect application that can be seen using our equipment in Canada, the US and the UK. For those universities with boarding on site or swimming pools, the second option being the Dragon energy system for creating the heating and hot water needed at site as an alternative to fertilizer.

Private Boarding Schools: With hi end catering, plenty of fresh foods needing preparation and up to 1000 students boarding on site, means three meals per day and a plentiful share of plate scrapings and prep wastes. Again a perfect application around the UK and the US for on site in vessel composting and dewatering. City centre based boarding schools preferring the use of food waste minimisation equipment, the Dehydra dewatering system and the Gobi food waste dryer to create a simple cost reduction on disposal charges.