Tidy Planet Limited

Food Waste Recycling, Reduction or Disposal Systems for Food Manufacture & Distribution - Food and Beverage

Tidy Planet has multiple applications with the F&B Food manufacture and distribution sector, either working at DC Centralised hubs with energy generation plants, or working at production level at food manufacturing sites. Working with bakery wastes, fish wastes and chicken producers.

Applications Include:

  • Packaged food wastes from Multi Distribution Centres (Confidential in progress energy generation and cooling) Food wastes destined to be sent to AD at a 6 figure cost are to be used as fuel for energy generation on site, with the energy being used to chill fresh foods awaiting delivery
  • Settled Food Waste (DAF) Sludges or cake – Oil extraction and energy generation  (Confidential 1000tpa) High oil content food production, sauces in particular are washed and sent to settlement tanks, the wastes once settled are tankered away from site and treated by off site Anaerobic Digestion. In this application the oily wastes are treated on site, the oil split and used for an on site energy generation system (electricity and heat) and the foods are further processed and used to generate energy in the form of steam.
  • Deep fried food manufacture: The oils previously sent at low rebate levels are treated on site, filtered and cleaned, the dry “crumb” residues are used as a fuel for the generation of steam and the oils used in the on site generation of electricity
  • Bakery Wastes: High energy low moisture content materials are a great source of high calorie energy. Often these wastes are packed and sent at higher disposal rates to AD and composting, however Tidy Planet have an ingenious method of dealing with packed food wastes which ultimately produces energy in the form of hot water, steam or cooling