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Food Waste Recycling, Reduction or Disposal Systems for Hospitality, Hotels, Holiday Resorts - Food and Beverage - Food

Remote islands and luxury hotels: Environmental pressure and clientele expectations have seen a rise in applications for Tidy Planet solutions. With increasing pressure to reduce the disposal of food wastes and for those sites in remote areas having minimal access to waste management providers, these often high temperature sites need a solution that deals with the food wastes before putrification, odours and vermin cause an equal nuisance. On site composting using the Rocket range with pre-treatment by the Dehydra dewatering systems have been the most popular choice with the obvious added benefit of a useable fertilizer to benefit the arid soils. Tidy Planet can also provide bespoke energy plants to provide heating / hot water to the hotel sites.

  • Luxury Hotel Chains: Dubai, Italy, Portugal, Greece, the UK and Hong Kong, who along with high bedroom occupancy rates are running spas, conferencing facilities and golf clubs as part of the overall business model are generating larger volumes of food waste. Most often than not the sites come with extensive grounds and gardens and the logical equipment in these instances is Rocket in vessel composting. Not all sites though are blessed with these green areas and instead look for a minimisation option to reduce disposal costs. The ultimate in minimisation in all instances is the use of the Gobi dryer, which is a particularly useful system because of the effects it has on the food wastes once dried and the 80% volume and weight reduction. Hotels in lower temperatures without the worry of heat speeding up the effects of the rotting process of discarded foods have taken to Dehydra dewatering as a cost effective method of food waste disposal / minimisation
  • High Street Eateries / Chain Restaurants: Typically this sector of hospitality has much lower volumes of preparation waste, higher volumes of wet food wastes particularly from plate scrapings and limited space for waste handling equipment due to being town / city based to guarantee footfall. In one particular instance we have implemented a two part package to minimise food wastes for a well known UK chain, reducing their food waste disposal volumes by a staggering 95% and subsequently improving their dry recycling by minimising contamination.