Forest Carbon Monioring

Our Ecosystem (OE) can help you with: - Quantification of initial carbon stocks - Baseline and leakage assessment - Monitoring and verification OE makes it easy to access, organize, share and obtain information from maps and other spatial data on land and ecosystems, giving you the opportunity to interact with the data in an intuitive user interface. OE is delivered as a service that does not require specialist knowledge on geographical information system (GIS) software or remote sensing data and techniques within your organization. Instead of having to look at paper maps in a report, you will be able to pan through the data and zoom in to areas of interest. In addition, it allows you to extract information from the data for areas of special interest using powerful analytical tools. Your OE application is set up so that your data is secure, and you can control who has access to it.

Our Ecosystem (OE) is a web platform for deploying apps that give access to interactive spatial data from satellites and other sources. Many organisations across a huge range of sectors are already using Our Ecosystem to remotely monitor and manage risks, build knowledge and identify business opportunities globally.

OE can help you monitor carbon stocks, identify carbon at risk, support environmental claims and demonstrate compliance.

Try one of our live demo applications today to get an idea of the many ways OE can be used:

Comparing Global Carbon Maps

http://carbonmaps.ourecosystem.comComparing Global Carbon Maps, Our Ecosystem

The Comparing Global Carbon Maps OE app does exactly what it says on the tin! This tool automatically estimates the carbon stocks of different landcover types within the area of interest, and you can generate a PDF report on your queries. The Global Carbon Map OE app has been developed by Dr Edward Mitchard, Research Fellow at the University of Edinburgh – click on the image to get started!