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Gas analysis & monitoring systems for biogas analysis - Energy - Bioenergy

“Biogas” means a mixture of various types of gas (mostly methane) produced by bacterial fermentation in anaerobic conditions(absence of oxygen) of organic residues from waste, decaying plant, carcasses in putrescence. The analyzers of biogas by Infrared cells carry out the continuous analysis of CH4, O2, CO2, H2S and NH3. The whole process sees the decomposition of organic material by some types of bacteria, producing carbon dioxide, molecular hydrogen and methane(methane conversion of organic compounds).

For the measurement of biogas in landfills MSW, sewage treatment plants or cogeneration will be available portable or fixed NDIR technology and electrochemical cell.

For the method of assessing the methane potential and its anaerobic digestion biogas the continuous monitoring of the digesters in biogas plants is essential.

This also applies to the continuous analysis of CH4, O2, CO2, H2S, NH3 in LFG.

The analysis of the biogas is possible with both portable and fixed instrumentation.

The systems analysis of biogas are useful for the optimization of the plants.

With the entry into force of Legislative Decree no. Jan. 13, 2003 n. 36, inItaly it was decided to align its legislation with European standards relating to the design and operation of landfills.

Biogas is an alternative source of electricity especially on farms as obtained by the fermentation of biomass that is of vegetable waste (think of the waste collection) and sewage of animal origin derived from livestock (cattle and avicunicole). Biogas is mainly composed of methane and carbon dioxide.

Biogas, biomass and therefore are organic materials, like oil or coal or natural gas, with the difference that the biomass has not undergone any process of fossilization and with their use does not produce carbon dioxide.

In Italy, in December 2008 there are 239 plants against Germany 3700. Do not forget that the EU encourages farmers to diversify production and use of biomass for energy purposes (there are prizes for the cultivation of high-energy).

In Italy, the production of electricity is further gratified by the obtainment of green certificates considered the low emission of carbon dioxide compared to a plant powered by fossil fuels. Green certificates are sold from farms to factories and other activities that do not produce own share of about 2% of energy using renewable energy, due under the Bersani Decree.

We provide a complete range of instrumentation fixed and portable instrumentation for the analysis and monitoring of the process of production and combustion of the biogas: among these our fixed systems for the analysis of CH4, CO2, O2, H2S or for quality monitoring of the combustion in the continuous process.