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Gas analysis & monitoring systems for food traceability - Food and Beverage

Recognition of raw materials: The analysis of stable isotopes is very important especially in studies of authenticity of the food. It, on the basis of different isotopic ratio, allows to recognize molecules, present in foods, having the same chemical structure but coming from different raw materials or processed by different processes, for example for biological synthesis or industrial.

The addition of an equivalent mixture of sugar cane and sugar beet does not change the isotopic ratio of deuterium, but it is still detectable from increasing the isotopic ratio 13C/12C.

The dilution of the wine is detectable according to the ratio 18O/16O: in fact, the external water has a lower water content in 18O wine will decrease and consequently the value of the measured isotope ratio.

The isotopes of oxygen, in fact, give a ID of the water absorbed from foods. For example, in wine, water absorbed by the grapes, you can also locate the precise areas on the grapes were grown.