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Gas analyzers for measuring acrylonitrile analysis in water - Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing

Monitoring of liquid matrices by Gas Chromatography using a simplified and enhanced headspace sampling system

Chromatotec® presents a headspace sampling system designed to extract representative samples from the liquid phase. The vaporized sample can be preconcentrated using a trap to achieve quantification at very low concentration levels (ppb and/or ppm). Then, it is injected automatically and in continuous mode into the auto-GC analyzer. Speciation of sulfur compounds or VOCs is done with a MEDOR® sulfur specific electrochemical detector or an FID respectively. The complete system allows online analysis without human intervention.

This technology can be used for a wide variety of applications:

  • Oil and gas market:

It allowed controlling the effectiveness of the LPG odorization process with DMS and TBM, to alert in case of leakage in safe and hazardous areas.

  • Polymer analysis (acrylonitrile)

In aqueous mode, it has been applied for the analysis of acrylonitrile. This polymer is used in plastics, fibers or as a component of additives to enhance oil recovery. This sampling system reduces the risk of polymerization of its monomer, acrylamide, avoiding the clogging of the column.