Crowcon Detection Instruments Ltd

Gas detection for the water industry - Water and Wastewater

Frequently regarded as a simple commodity, water is a vital element of day-to-day life, both for personal health and to industrial and commercial users. Over its 40 year history Crowcon is therefore proud to have provided a wide variety of water industry users with gas detection equipment.

The hazards associated with processing waste water into a state fit for discharge, and transforming extracted supplies into clean water for consumption, are often underestimated but both involve potential exposure to gas risks.

The very number and volume of toxic and flammable gases found in waste and used in treatment highlight potential hazards for workers and plant.

  • Sulphur dioxide and hydrogen sulphide need only low levels to be a danger to life. H2S has a distinctive odour, but as levels increase, the olfactory nerve is damaged masking the danger levels from workers.
  • Chlorine is a very heavy gas and readily absorbed by most materials making it difficult to detect in storage areas.
  • The risk of asphyxiation in confined spaces within plant and build-up of oxygen displacing gases (such as carbon dioxide and methane) highlights the need for effective detection.
  • The flammable risk associated with the production, storage and use of methane presents further challenges for detection.

Recognising that the harsh environments of water plants and distribution networks necessitate rugged and reliable protection, Crowcon has applied advanced technologies to deliver a range of products suited to this task.

For example, use of infrared (IR) technology offers lower maintenance, higher integrity protection from flammable gases in areas where hydrogen sulphide may poison pellistor-based detectors. Similarly, the use of high performance engineering-grade materials provides robustness and high “Ingress Protection” ratings, demonstrating a product’s protection against water spray and / or immersion.

However, Crowcon also realises the values of ease of use and simplicity of integration. A range of solutions is available, from standard fixed detector / beacon packages to fully tailored systems incorporating gas or fire detectors as well as distributed control systems and mimic panels. Our experience enables us to help you ensure plant operatives can be alerted quickly to gas situations and action swiftly taken.

Application knowledge and experience in delivering dependability and ease of use also applies to Crowcon portables. Led by Gas-Pro, a pioneering 5-gas, top display monitor designed specifically for confined space entry, Crowcon's single and multigas detectors are widely trusted by water industry users.

In addition to improving safety, Crowcon is also able to assist water companies with their initiatives to reduce energy costs and emissions. Many sewage plants are capturing methane from digesters to power processes and generate electricity. The gas stream will also contain potentially corrosive hydrogen sulphide, and our gas sampling systems are able to monitor effectiveness of the scrubbing units.

Crowcon’s water industry products and services are supported around the globe by its regional support centres and a mature network of trained and experienced distributors.