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Gas detection for the winery and brewery Industry - Food and Beverage

Once an archetypal example of manual production, the winery and brewery industries now incorporate sophisticated processes to ensure high quality levels and efficient output. In some cases traditional approaches have simply been scaled up or put under more stringent monitoring, whilst in others innovations such as nitrogen-pressurised canning have been introduced. However, whichever approach has been followed there is also a growing realisation of the gas hazards that are associated with both new and old processes, and the need to protect workers from toxic gas exposure and asphyxiation risks.

With over 40 years experience in gas detection and a network of trained distributors supporting winery and brewery clients from California to Australia, examples of end users who have selected Crowcon equipment include most major brewing groups and both large and independent wineries. For an example read about Crowcon's installation at Selvapiana Winery in Tuscany, Italy.

Some of the more common gases confronted by users in these industries, along with their toxicity levels, are detailed here:

Commonly recognised for its ability to displace oxygen, leading to asphyxiation, carbon dioxide is probably the most prevalent hazard in wineries and breweries.

Less well-appreciated is the fact that carbon dioxide is also toxic in its own right. With no detectable warning signs such as smell or skin irritation, it has to be treated as a stealth killer that must be detected.
The other toxic gases typically found during fermentation, cleaning and bottling are:

  • Chlorine
  • Ozone
  • Sulphur dioxide 
  • Hydrogen sulphide 
  • Ammonia

In an industry utilising seasonal workers, all gas detection products must be simple and easy to use. With true one-button operation and pre-set alarm levels the Crowcon portable product portfolio offers a number of options for your needs.

Rigorous hygiene requirements in the industrial environment of a brewery or winery can be tough on any product. The Ingress Protection (IP) rating given to a product is therefore of great importance. IP65 offers total protection against dust as well as protection against low pressure jets of water and IP67 offers the added ability to withstand immersion in liquid (e.g. water, wine, beer and spirits).

As in any 24 hour operation maintenance time needs to be minimised, therefore Crowcon fixed and portable detectors also offer:

  • Low drift
  • Extended battery life
  • Long life sensors (IR >5 years)

In the era of increasing legislation and the need to demonstrate a high level of workforce protection, inbuilt data and event logging capabilities can reduce the burden of the plant manager.

Crowcon’s winery and brewery industry products and services are supported around the globe by its regional support centres and a mature network of experienced distributors.