Gas infusion technology solutions for the food and beverage industry - Food and Beverage

Gas inFusion technology is a global platform technology with numerous market applications, both stand alone and bundled with other technologies. It is a proprietary, worldwide-patented mass transfer technology. Liquid-O™ is a proprietary process and equipment system based on the Gas inFusion technology. Liquid-O™ infuses large amounts of dissolved oxygen into water in a bubbleless and stable manner at atmospheric pressure. The materials used are FDA approvable and the equipment, like the technology is simple, small, and effortless to operate.

The reaction to oxygen use and oxygenated products varies from true believers to skeptics. The true believers swear it can boost energy, stamina, mental alertness, and muscle recovery, slow hair loss and the aging process, and provide relief to several medical problems. Some skeptics say that oxygen possesses no real benefit for healthy individuals. However, life cannot exist without oxygen and there are many, many testimonials about the very positive affects of supplemental oxygen in many products.

We live in an age of increasingly informed consumers and there are a number of markets right now where the use of oxygen is ubiquitous or becoming so:

  • Oxygenated drinks or drinks advertising increased oxygen levels
  • Oxygen bars are opening in many areas of the world for those who want a gulp of extra oxygen
  • Sport teams use both air and oxygen baths for treatment of participant injuries and muscle recovery
  • Cosmetic manufacturers advertise use of oxygen in facial and skin creams to fight aging

inVentures has developed the Liquid-O™ process and equipment to reliably and safely deliver oxygenated water to bottling lines for oxygenated bottled water or to a variety of water fountains. A Liquid-O™ system consists of any number of Gas inFusion cartridges, a small pump, control panel, nitrogen purge valves, oxygen lines, water lines and an oxygen supply, depending on the water demand rates. Liquid-O™ can be built into existing water bottling systems and used with traditional bottle filling equipment. It can also be scaled for fountains and small water systems. The Liquid-O™ method of oxygenating provides significant advantages over those drinks prepared through conventional oxygenation methods. These advantages are similar to all Gas inFusion value-added applications: Higher dissolved oxygen levels, very low decay rate once the bottle is opened, and a less inexpensive, simpler oxygenation method. Units are available for demonstration and sale.