Gasmet Technologies Oy

Gas monitoring instruments and systems for HAZMAT - Health and Safety - Hazardous Substances

Accidents involving chemicals and other hazardous materials require fast and accurate gas measurements as part of the first response. The Gasmet™ DX4040 portable FTIR Gas Analyzer provides reliable identification and concentration measurements of hazardous gases in 60 seconds or less.

The battery-powered backpack-size analyzer records infrared spectra at 10 scans/second and is capable of sub-ppm level detection of gaseous components. The DX4040 Analyzer requires no span gas calibrations and only a short zero calibration before use, and can be fully operational only minutes after arriving at site. The analyzer is controlled by a rugged PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) connected to the analyzer by either serial cable or Bluetooth wireless link. The PDA is water-tight and shockproof, and is supplied with Gasmet’s Calcmet Lite measurement and control software. The software is designed for single-button operation, and is pre-configured according to your needs.

The DX4040 performs simultaneous analysis of up to 25 gases with compensation for cross-interference effects. Identification of gases in addition to the pre-set 25 gas components is possible by connecting the instrument to a computer and searching against a large spectral library using Calcmet 4040 Professional Software extension. As the PDA automatically stores recorded spectra and the analysed concentrations, further analysis and verification is possible if required, and the results can be traced back to the original infrared spectra of the samples.