MB Crusher

Gas pipelines, aqueducts, telephone and optical fiber channels: this is excellent news for companies specialized in excavations and trenching - Water and Wastewater - Pipes and Piping

Energy sources are a crucial issue for all governments and a topic discussed amongst most business sectors, as well as individuals. For more than twenty years, MB Crusher has been working alongside companies involved in excavation and trenching all over.


Vaca Muerta in Argentine Patagonia is a deposit of unconventional hydrocarbons (shale oil and shale gas), estimated at 16.2 billion barrels of oil and 308 trillion cubic meters of gas. The companies engaged in the excavation of the 360 miles of pipeline already built (of the expected 680 total) found in MB Crusher attachments the winning features for this massive and sparse construction site, located in a desert area not serviced by a road network. The BF90.3 crusher and the MB-S18 screening bucket, crushed and screened material creating viable backfill for the miles of excavation, drastically reducing the time required for construction and reducing transport costs

HDS covering the high voltage cables

The Wahle-Mecklar pilot project in Germany which required the burying of high voltage cables that increased the capacity, security, and stability of supply of the electricity grid. Until today, this same job would have required a mass amount of excavation with large specialized equipment and long work hours. 'We are proud to participate in this eco-friendly project - stated Azzolin - by reducing excavation to a minimum and conserving the same soil we can minimize the impact on the environment. The MB-HDS sifting bucket was chosen to create backfill directly on the jobsite. Which was an innovative step forward. 

We are in need to create more efficient jobsites, ones that use less resources and create less waste while protecting the environment.  An objective MB Crusher responded to by offering the widest range of attachments in the world.