Lone Star Blower, Inc.

Geared, gearless and multistage turbo blowers solutions for vacuum and pneumatic conveying industry - Air and Climate

Vacuum and Pneumatic Conveying for any application. Plus the ability to offer the correct designed pressures and flow every time. Lone Star offers industrial conveying and vacuum systems for a wide variety of manufacturing processes. Before selecting your blower package, our system designers carefully calculate the required performance of each blower and how it and the selected control system will respond to your specific application. Requirements such as food grade materials, low discharge temperature, mitigating pulsation, wash-down requirements, or a combinations of pressure and vacuum working in tandem, let Lone Star offer the complete solution.


• Vacuum & Pneumatic Conveying
• Pneumatic Conveyer
• Food Products
• Food Grade Blowers
• Central Vacuum
• Clean Room Systems
• Source Capture
• Dust Collection
• Pharmaceutical
• Breweries