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Geomembrana for Energy Application - Energy

Geomembrana (geomembrane) is the widely used HDPE geomembrane liner and geotechnical engineering materials energy applications. BPM high quality geomembrane products had proven the practical solutions for such energy applications as Biogas Digeste, storage tank, evaporation and cooling ponds. In order to control the environmental impact of increased energy use and exploration, as the one of the leading HDPE geomembrane liner manufactures, wholesalers and exporters, BPM had been always providing the finet quality geomembrane landfill lining system and cap covers for worldwide energy application.

BPM smooth geomembrane HDPE liner is engineered and fabricated by the state of the art automatic geomembrane production lines and advanced three layered pressing technology in accordance with GRI GM13 standard. It is widely used as the bottom lining system and cap covers for Biogas Digestes, storage tanks or evaporation and cooling ponds.

BPM is providing not only finest quality geomembrane products but also installation service for secure and reliable tank or pond geomembrana liner and covers. Please contact us at for detailed information for geomembrana energy application.