Golf course pond - Water and Wastewater

Controls algae in golf course ponds without expensive chemical treatments or time consuming manual labor. Golf courses should be maintained often and kept in perfect condition to offer golfers an optimal golf experience. A part of the golf course are the ponds on this area. Water in these ponds is often stagnant and thus sensitive to algal growth. Algae in a golf course pond make the water look unappealing and thereby reduce the total impression of the golf course itself. Furthermore maintaining these ponds can be a tiresome task because chemicals are not desirable and other water treatment methods are often cumbersome or just not sufficient.

What the LG Sonic can do for your pond?

The LG Sonic provides a safe, environmentally friendly solution to inhibit the growth of all algae. Furthermore, the LG Sonic does not need frequent maintenance and works on very low power. The LG Sonic has been frequently tested on its effect on Fish, water plants and water insects yet no negative effect of the LG Sonic on these organisms has been found. The experts working for LG Sound are all certified biologists with as much theoretical as field experience and will do their best effort to offer you the best fitting solution for your application. From the smallest pond to the largest lake, every application will be treated with a scientific background making sure LG Sound will solve the algae problem in your pond.

Benefits of LG Sonic algae control in ponds:

  • Reduces and controls algae in golf course ponds in an efficient, cost-effective manner.
  • Keeps your golf course pond in optimal condition without the need to maintain the pond frequently.
  • Low maintenance and easy to install.
  • Can also work on solar power.
  • Reduces toxins by enhancing the degradation rate of toxins produced by the blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), but primarily by the control of blue-green algae itself.
  • Does not harm water plants, fish, frogs, zooplankton, prawns and other types of life present in the water.
  • Does not harm the ecosystem.
  • 100% environmentally friendly.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Does not need chemicals.
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LG Sonic e-Line: most advanced ultrasonic algae control

  • Uses different ultrasonic programs for more efficient algae control
  • Integrated wiper for minimal maintenance
  • Controlled and monitored remotely with GSM module
  • Connect multiple transmitters for better coverage of a water surface or different sites