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Green waste handling in the office - Environmental

Large amounts of waste are produced in offices; and a lot of it is made up of paper and incinerable waste that should be recycled as far as possible. A vacuum system from Envac can be used to handle this waste easily, and at the same time it adds other value.

Space and working hours are freed up

A waste system from Envac saves a lot of space in the form of old storage areas and transport routes for waste. And time is saved for cleaning staff too.

Confidential waste is kept secure

As waste paper from offices sometimes bears confidential information, Envac can install shredders at the inlets.

Valuable environmental profile

Waste handling is one of the most important issues when building up a company’s environmental profile, and a vacuum system from Envac results in maximum environmental gains.

Improvement of the working environment

The system improves the working environment for both employees and cleaning staff. They have less to lift and drag, and there is no risk of them cutting themselves as there is almost no physical contact with the waste.

Lower operation and maintenance costs

The cost of the investment is compensated for thanks to considerably lower operation and maintenance costs. Contact us for a calculation of how much you could save.