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Handling hospital waste and laundry

Large amounts of hazardous waste, contaminated waste and dirty laundry are handled in modern hospitals, and so hygiene and staff safety are important. This is why it is important to find sustainable waste solutions which do not require waste to be physically touched. This is achieved with the Envac vacuum system.

Handling hospital waste is heavy, demanding work. As is the handling of dirty laundry, which just like waste handling is subject to detailed safety regulations. At most hospitals, dirty laundry and single-use items are transported manually through the departments. Besides posing health risks for patients and staff, manually handling this waste also ties up major resources.

Refuse rooms and laundry rooms at hospitals are hygiene risk zones which require thorough care and maintenance. They also take up valuable space which could be used for other things.

But these problems simply disappear with the Envac vacuum system for waste and laundry handling. Waste and laundry are transported in separate, closed pipe systems from every department/floor to a terminal which is located on the periphery of the site. The inlets are positioned optimally so as to keep manual handling to a minimum. This results in a quiet, hygienic, environmentally friendly environment for staff and patients.

Added value

The Envac vacuum system for waste and laundry handling is a long-term investment offering both financial and environmental advantages. It simplifies logistics and keeps running costs low. We remove handling from the departments while at the same time creating added value:

Better environment for staff and patients

Using a vacuum system improves the hospital environment for care staff, cleaning staff and patients. Cleaning staff have less to lift and drag, and there is no risk of them spreading infection or cutting themselves as there is almost no physical contact with the waste or dirty laundry.

Lower operation and maintenance costs

The cost of the investment is compensated for thanks to considerably lower operation and maintenance costs. Contact us for a calculation of how much you could save. Moreover, installing the Envac vacuum system frees up space that you could be using for other things.

Full availability and stability

The Envac system is always available ‒ 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The risk of downtime is minimal.