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Hazardous and Medical Waste shredder - Energy - Waste to Energy

HARDEN designs and manufactures shredders and size reduction systems for safe disposal of hazardous, medical and pharmaceutical waste. HARDEN has extensive experience in the supply of purpose engineered reduction, fuel blending and destruction systems for the hazardous and medical waste processing industries.


Material is too large too long into the size of the kiln size can not enter the kiln incineration; 2. Large pieces of material into the kiln incineration is not sufficient to reduce the incineration efficiency;


One-stop hoist + crusher + fire protection system equipment to solve the pre-treatment problems before incineration, to achieve the uniformity of material particle size, to facilitate the subsequent material transport and incineration

  1. The large pieces of material broken into small pieces, to solve the large pieces of material can not feed, blocking materials, improve the efficiency of incineration
  2. After crushing the material size is uniform, easy to grab or conveyor delivery, to facilitate the back-end mixer and solid pump mixed transportPart of the application case: