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The principle cause of regional and urban haze, or visibility impairment, is light extinction caused by fine particles, sulfates, organic and elemental carbon, nitrates and crustal matter. Particles between 0.1 and one micrometers in size are most effective at scattering light, in addition to being of greatest concern for human health.

The increased influence of traffic (in particular diesel) on urban air polution has made haze monitoring a useful measure of urban air quality. Reporting visibility (haze) is advantageous due to it being easliy reported and undertsood by the public (as an indicator of air quality). Countries such as Australia have established visibility monitoring stations around the country. The United States EPA has a similar existing program known as the IMPROVE monitoring program protecting its most sensitive areas such as national parks.

The Aurora integrating nephelometer offers an excellent solution to this application as it is easily installed, requires little maintenance, is reliable and robust. It can be powered from 12VDC, requires only 60 watts and can be installed in a non air conditioned compact enclosure.

Ecotech is able to offer a complete haze monitoring solution fully integrating with remote communication and our reporting software.

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