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High resolution weather data for the energy market - Energy

Better decision making through accurate weather data and state of the art technology. The energy sector is highly sensitive to changes in weather and events that are hard to forecast like storms, fog, snowfall or freezing rain can lead to huge losses. Meteomatics develops pioneering technologies and uses latest scientific methods to deliver highly accurate weather data for every location on the globe.

Challenges for the Energy Industry

  • increasing importance of renewable energy sources due to the energy transition
  • Digitization creates new options on the market
  • Integration of weather data for the identification of market opportunities
  • Monitoring and quantifying the weather risk
  • Identify weather trends early (Teleconnections, sub-seasonal models)

Best quality thanks to high-resolution weather models

  • Forecasts based on state of the art, high resolution global and regional weather models, like EURO4, ECMWF-IFS, etc. and station, radar and satellite data.
  • Application of scientific methods for the calculation of forecasts for specific coordinates
  • High performance processing of multi-terabyte weather data
  • Permanent availability and updates of the models and data
  • Forecast horizon: Nowcast (up to 6 hours), short-range (up to 72 hours), mid-range (up to 10 days) and long-range forecasts (up to 46 days or up to 7 months)
  • Computation of station forecasts (MOS)