Meteomatics AG

High-resolution weather data solutions for water management industry - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

Applied forecasting begins with connected data. Organisations are continually striving to better leverage their internal data to create new business insights and opportunities. Meteomatics’ Weather API is the quickest and easiest way for your business to gain access to high quality weather data from around the globe.

We use weather data & technology to enable smarter business.

  • Optimised forecasts – downscaled to as high as 90m resolution
  • Worldwide historical model data from 1979 onwards
  • Global and regional weather model data
  • Response format: JSON, CSV, XML etc.


Amongst the biggest challenges for the water industry right now is not only the need to improve service but also to address affordability and drive innovation.

  • Weather data playing such a vital part in
  • active systems management
  • waste water processing
  • catchment modelling

The Meteomatics Weather API gives access to a wealth of meteorological and environmental information from around the world whether that be forecast, real-time or historic data as well as tailored wind, solar and hydro power forecasts.