Hose pumps for building industry - Construction & Construction Materials

Fibrous mortar: spraying machine manufacturer (shotcrete machine) (tunnelling) (Europe)

  • Concrete: (particles up to 12mm). Filling mould from the bottom (France)
  • Mortar: Rail ways building ( France)
  • Bentonite: filling of pile for harbour construction (South Africa)
  • Ash cement: construction of harbour (Denmark)
  • Cement with lot of air bubble: Siporex (cement bloc with lot of air)manufacturing (Europe)
  • Cement: for bridge building (Europe)
  • Plaster (Crete, plaster): shotcrete machine, house building, France, Spain
  • Technical cement: floor slab, France, Germany, Colombia
  • Colourings for cement: Spain, France
  • Additive for concrete & cement: France