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Copper tailings - slurry is very abrasive. Centrifugal pumps with soft packing shaft seals had to be water-flushed to limit wear on the shaft sleeve. Fine until winter froze the water. Solution: a Albin Pump ALHX80, with no seals to wear out. Tailings could be continuously pumped at higher concentrations!, doubling plant efficiency. Downtime: a few minutes every 2,000 hours to change the tube.

Chambishi mine, Zambia,

Due to the 7 years success of the Albin peristaltic pump feed system proposed by Chambishi, which was the first alternative tested, the centrifugal pump ringloop system was never installed. The high-pressure peristaltic pump feed system required moderate slurry densities and high line velocities to work. It was decided that the autoclave discharge solution be used, as it contained clay-like goethite solids, which would provide lubrication between the ragged alloy particles, minimizing the risk of particle locking and subsequent system blockage, as well as maintaining solution metal concentrations high. Each of the first three autoclaves are fed alloy using independent peristaltic pumps with in-line automatic isolation controls installed to satisfy safety requirements and automatic water flush systems installed to provide purging during start-up and shut-down of the system to avoid blockages from settlement. The system has been operated successfully with little maintenance requirements since the installation.

Hose pump are also involved in pumping copper thickener slurry. The copper ore is first crushed, milled and mixed in a tank with the leaching solution where it dissolves and is then electrolytically recovered. The residual solution still contains a significant amount of copper and is separated from the leachate using a vacuum belt filter, prior to heating under pressure and being autoclave mixed to increase the copper recovery rate.

Larger ALH with variable speed pumps the post autoclave solution from the thickener clarifier into leach residual storage tanks replacing expensive rubber lined centrifugal pumps.