Coulson Ice Blast

Ice blasting technology for automotive - Automobile & Ground Transport

Applications for Coulson Ice Blast in the Automotive sector:


  • Removes sand and contaminants from casting box
  • Removes contaminants from mold components
  • Removes overspray buildup from hooks
  • Removes residual slag and contaminants from weld line
  • Cleans E-coat residue from fixtures
  • Cleans blow mold cavity
  • Cleans contaminants from mold cavity and plug
  • Removes accumulated residue from mold, ports and release pins
  • Removes accumulated release agent and residual foam
  • Dechipping, deflashing, deburring of different components
  • Removes accumulated mold release agent and residual molded material
  • Aluminum clam shell molds

Enhanced ice

  • Weld Line
  • Removing paint
  • Removing rust