Coulson Ice Blast

Ice blasting technology for tire mold cleaning - Manufacturing, Other

Applications for Coulson Ice Blast in the Rubber Industry sector:

  • Compatible with Spring Vent Mold Technology, Puzzle Mold Technology, Die Cast Mold Technology and Mini Vent Mold Technology
  • Compatible as a drop-in to existing robotic automated systems
  • Cleans mold fouling, including the chemical reactions of sulfur, zinc oxide and residual rubber
  • Cleans the tire bead surface to improve the seal on a wheel
  • Cleans vents and micro valves of mold from residual rubber extrusion
  • Cleans the fouling from the middle of tread patterns
  • Cleans the tire mold to avoid tire surface irregularities and enhance product quality
  • Cleans plates and tools to maximize mold life

Why Ice Blast?

  • No-abrasive cleaning protects molding surfaces
  • Effective cleaning either hot or cold molds
  • Clean and rinse in one operation
  • Cleans faster
  • Reduced noise levels
  • Cost effective, as low as 1 year return on capital investments
  • Continuous operation using electricity, compressed air, and tap water supplies already available in most Tire Curing Rooms
  • Uses only 33 USG /hr of water