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Impurities In Specialty Gas

Industrial gases consist of bulk gases utilized in industrial applications.  Specialty gases include rare and ultra-pure gases that are used in various industries such as research, semiconductor, environmental, food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and medical.  These gases are captured or manufactured by air separation plants, natural gas processing, or created as a byproduct during chemical production.

MOCON products analyze gases for critical impurities which may differ depending upon the source. These impurities could affect analytical user’s data on instrumentation, change flavors in food or beverages, or be toxic at very low levels.  Data collected by our analyzers is evaluated with pass/fail criteria to ensure the final product meets or exceeds specific quality standards. Upon acceptance, a certificate of analysis is typically issued.  The most common applications include total hydrocarbon measurement to detect impurities in ultra-pure gases, impurity monitoring in carbon dioxide for food or beverage, sulfur detection in hydrogen for fuel cells, or custom compound detection for a special blend.