Inciner8 Limited

Incinerator solutions for the marine waste sector - Manufacturing, Other

Storage of waste while at sea can take up valuable space. Using one of our on-board marine incinerators you can free up this space for more profitable activities or to simply provide more room.

All our marine incinerators have a robust and durable exterior design so they are well suited to operating in the harsh conditions at sea..

Boat incinerators can be used to reduce waste created by your crew or the day to day processes that are carried out while at sea.

Typical Waste Streams on Ships & Boats

  • Plastic, cardboard, wood
  • Rubber, cloth, oily rags, lub oil filters
  • Diesel engine scavenge scraping
  • Paint scraping
  • Food waste, etc.
  • Sludge oil, waste lubrication oil
  • Hospital waste, female hygienic binds
  • Destruction of contaminated water

Onboard incineration and local management of sludge oil and solid waste is highly preferred and recommended by the International Marine Organisation (IMO). As with all waste operations where mariners are responsible for disposing of the waste, we recommend a semi-automatic process to ease the skills required to run an environmentally clean facility.