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As operations continue to expand to more and more remote locations, the need for a safe, effective and compliant waste disposal solution for mining companies is clear. At Inciner8, our range of incinerators are perfectly suited to mining waste. In recent years, mining operations have been spreading around the world, with attention turning to a wide range of raw materials – including cobalt, uranium and titanium. But as mining has increased, so too have the regulations around it. To comply with strict guidelines like the EU’s Directive 2006/21/EC, companies need to have a strong waste management plan in place that "ensures short and long-term safe disposal of the extractive waste". Typical waste generated from mining and exploration sites is usually considered as MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) - which comprises typically of food waste, wood, plastics, cardboard and paper.

There are several reasons why incinerators for mining waste are the ideal solution:

  • Mobility – Mining operations and communities are often established quickly in areas far removed from a comprehensive infrastructure. Mobile incinerators can be quickly deployed and installed to remote locations – and easily removed when production moves on.
  • Environmental Protection – Incineration provides a safe and effective way to dispose of waste material, preventing the contamination of soil, water and air in the local Eco-system.
  • Legal Compliance – With so many regulations and restrictions in place for mining operations, incinerators offer an effective, efficient solution for compliance, with advice and support to help you follow your country’s legislation.
  • Reputation – Incinerating waste is a way to improve relationships with the local community and the perception of mining operations. It’s a cleaner, safer option for waste disposal.

Exporting waste off-site is costly, and the logistics are often impossible in remote, hard-to-reach locations. Burning waste out in the open is dangerous, can contaminate the local environment, and is increasingly illegal.

The best approach to mining waste disposal is incineration – collecting and containing at the point of production, and then disposing of waste safely.

Our range of incinerators for mining operations are capable of dealing with all types of waste – from the general ‘household’ waste produced in mining communities, to the specific waste from mining practices – like scrap wood and plastic, slag, tailings, sludge and oil-soaked rags.