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Supporting drug development with pharmaceutical testing is some of the most exciting work we do. As a premier cGMP contract service laboratory, PTL partners with pharmaceutical scientists to identify key physical characteristics of pharmaceutical APIs and excipients ranging from powders, solids and liquids. With over a decade of experience testing a vast array of pharmaceutical products, PTL’s analytical staff uses custom-designed test methods for particle size, particle shape, surface area, pore volume, pore size, thermal analysis, powder flowability and zeta potential analyses.

We can provide third party verification of your material, or assist with identifying differences between problem batches / lots. We can provide QC analysis for process control or generate data to include in your certificate of analysis. These are just a very few of the ways we are helping clients with their pharmaceutical samples.

Utilizing our wide array of analytical techniques in the field of particle characterization, PTL provides the comprehensive source for physical testing of your pharmaceutical samples. We provide insight throughout the drug development pipeline; starting with R&D and method development to product scale-up and finally, method validation for FDA approval. The techniques at our disposal are applicable to your raw materials and final dosage forms. United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) and the International Standards Organization (ISO) provide guidance documents for the numerous techniques we employ, providing additional creditability to your results.

Our specialties are in pharmaceutical testing method development, method validation, and method transfer services. Our Laboratory is cGMP compliant, registered with the FDA and holds a DEA and ATF permit.