Indoor Environments - Air and Climate - Indoor Air

The physical environment is made up of several elements among which there is a complex relationship. Understanding the environmental quality of environments (Indoor Environmental Quality) helps designers, architects and industrial hygienists to create more comfortable environments from the point of view of the psychophysical well-being of the occupants. LSI-LASTEM offers instrumentation with multi-measure features and thanks to the multi-point radio technology. In practice, each data logger can be connected to a wide variety of sensors via cable or via radio to monitor the thermohygrometric, radiant and ventilation characteristics of the confined space, the main gases (CO, CO2, VOCs, etc) and the amount of light. The GIDAS software modules can calculate the indices for moderate thermal environments PMV-PPD, TO and the localized thermal dis-comfort indexes: Dissatisfied with air currents, floor temperature and radiant asymmetries.