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Industrial air pollution control for the pharmaceutical industry - Chemical & Pharmaceuticals - Pharmaceutical

The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most important and growing industries worldwide. Personal well-being is becoming ever more important, and the accelerating ageing effect consequently gives rise to increased expenditure on pharmaceuticals and medicine. CTP air pollution control systems not only focus on pharmaceuticals and generics, but also on applications in medical supplies, ranging from bandages and associated materials to medical and plastic implants.

Applications in the pharmaceutical industry present a most challenging task for air purification solutions, as a number of difficult conditions appear. CTP processes and systems (from thermal to catalytic installations) have accordingly been optimized for the identification of irregularities and dangers (such as LEL - lower explosion limit - peaks) in the waste gas, as well as regulating and guaranteeing lengthy and continuous operating times. The waste gas flows purified by CTP air pollution control systems in the pharmaceutical industry, range from relatively low to as high as 90,000 Nm³/h.