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Industrial and commercial water filtration for bore-hole intake - Water and Wastewater

When considering filtration methods, many industries use alternative water sources such as river, borehole, canal or sea-water extraction as a low cost solution for cooling water and various other operations on-site. Although water extraction is a low cost option the water can be of low quality and can cause problems and damage to the system, meaning more resources, time and expense in fixing the problem.

With the correct Water Filtration technology in place removing particulate at the point of water extraction to begin with, we can provide alternative water sources that are much more safe and reliable to ensure maximum efficiency for you and far less downtime where you are losing money.

Some examples of the contaminants which are often found present when water extraction has taken place and may require water filtration include: -

  • Organic materials
  • Bacteria
  • Oil (from water borne vehicles)
  • sea/river life
  • floating debris
  • various suspended solids
  • Metals (eg iron)
  • Nitrites/Nitrates
  • Human/Animal waste

However with Hydro-Gen’s water treatment products, these contaminants can be safely and effectively removed from your extracted  water to enable it to act as an alternative water source for re-use. This can lower running costs through providing energy reductions through your water filtration system.

Another consideration to be taken into account especially when water extraction using source water from river, seas and lakes is the environmental impact.  Hydro-Gen offer industrial water filters products specifically designed to allow high flow rates of water removal without accidentally drawing wildlife such as fish and eels into the system.  This will ensure your operation keeps in-line with the Environmental Agency’s directives for wildlife protection.

Through experience in the water treatment industry we have also overcome the common issue when water extraction of  seawater of mussel growth within your system.  We have effective industrial water filtration systems suited to the removal of mussels even at spore stage preventing growth within your system which can prove costly for cleaning and damaging to your process.

As part of our product range Hydro-Gen also offer cutting edge water filter technology highly effective in the removal of Algae.  Algae can either be treated at source with our effective aeration systems or stopped from making entry to your system with our new filtration technology.

Hydro-gen can supply correct water filter technologies to enable you to effectively use alternative sources for your operation. Please feel free to contact us to discuss options for alternative water extraction sources through filtration.