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Industrial and commercial water filtration for effluent water treatment - Water and Wastewater - Water Treatment

Through experience we have found that when the correct water filtration system is put into place as an integral part of the effluent water treatment process our customers have been able to experience several benefits:- Enabled water to be re-used in other areas of their operations as part of the effluent treatment process.

Having the ability to re-use water for the same process again or for different operation can vastly reduce water costs and effluent discharge costs or assist in keeping within discharge consent limits.  With the correct Waste-Water/Effluent water treatment system in place if your process water was used again just once then your annual water bill could in effect be halved.  A good example of re-use is in a paper product facility process water being filtered and re-used as wash down water.

Experience a rapid return of investment (ROI.)

From an investment point of view, return of investment (ROI) of an effective effluent water treatment system can be seen quickly in various savings:- reduced water bill. Control over discharge- maintaining limits.

A reduction in their impact on the Environment

As we are becoming more and more aware of our impact on the environment the use of industrial filtration in a waste-water/effluent water treatment system reduces water losses, reducing chemical dosing and waste discharge.

Gained more control of maintaining the correct consent levels

Effectively as less water is consumed in a system then less waste is generated.  With constantly regulated consent levels industrial water filtration plays a large part in keeping within these limits.