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Industrial and commercial water filtration for energy reduction - Energy

It is important in all sectors these days that companies look for energy reduction when it comes to water filtration, as they would look at reducing their carbon footprint. The correct water filtration system can not only assist with reducing water and carbon footprints, but can also reduce costs and increase efficiency and output.

Hydro-Gen Engineering use the latest technologies when it comes to water purification and filtration in the UK to ensure that your environmental objectives are met, as well as assisting your financial and productivity goals.

When looking at water filtration systems, energy reduction is usually not at the top of the priority list over function, however on HVAC systems we have found that filtration to less than 1.0 micron on water based systems can result in dramatic energy gain of up to 30%. This provides our customers with a fantastic ROI in less than just 12 months, which provides an incredible investment.

Our Government are increasingly asking those of us in industry to reduce energy costs and now the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) is urging the Government to commit to reducing emissions of all greenhouse gasses in the UK by at least 34% in 2020. You can implement procedures to ensure your staff turn off computers, air con units and lights at the end of the day but what if this doesn’t meet the levels the Government asks of you?

With water you pay for both the supply of water to the plant and then pay again for its disposal. With water filtration for process water, this process water can be then re-used and even if only re-used once, could effectively reduce process water costs by a staggering 50%.

Industry uses water in many different ways and volumes, therefore energy reduction from water filtration could be  used in multiple applications and benefit not only the carbon footprint of an organisation, but also its’s energy bills.

Hydro-Gen’s water filtration systems also have self-cleaning filtration technology in place, which offer our clients backwash recover systems. As well as reducing water loss, this provides a drastic improvement in your company’s green footprint by reducing environmental impact and your associated costs. Our proven success can be clarified in our client list across a massive variety of sectors and applications.