Industrial and commercial water filtration for heating / cooling systems

Heating or cooling systems, conventional or alternative, involve water. Over time that water picks up particles which in extreme cases can silt up entire heating systems, requiring expensive maintenance, repair or even replacement. A build-up of solids no thicker than a human hair inside pipework can reduce heat transfer by up to 30%, drastically reducing efficiency and increasing energy consumption.

The correct water Filtration of Heating and Cooling Systems will remove suspended particulate down to less than 1 micron which has been proven to produce energy savings of up 15-20% of total energy costs.

Common in Industry is the use of evapourative cooling towers, due to the nature of their operation there is a risk of biological growth in the water which can be the on-set of legionella. This is commonly treated with the use of chemical water treatment killing the “bugs.” However, in this case little consideration can be taken into account of how these dead cells are dealt with as they now become food for new “bugs.” This often leads to more and more chemical dosing required to control this or even complete loss of control.

With the implementation of water filtration technology supplied by Hydro-Gen the biological load element can be removed. Doing this gains control over the system reducing chemical dosing costs and gaining peace of mind as an outbreak of legionella can prove catastrophic for a company and its personnel.