Industrial and commercial water filtration for process water - Water and Wastewater

Filtration for Process Water is a widely used term and has a great number of uses dependent on the operation. Filtration for process water or water purification is a process where any undesirable contaminants are removed from the water to ensure it’s suitable for its intended use. The filtrat0ion of process water does not always have to be for drinking water for humans but can also refer to water purification for the use of industrial or commercial applications in a variety of industries include pharmaceutical, chemical, Paper and Textiles, Steel,  Food and Beverage, Plastics, Automotive and many more.

The filtration of process water reduces the concentration of bacteria, parasites, algae, viruses and other contaminants to ensure it meets the standards for process water in the relevant sector. Many of these contaminants present can not be identified with the naked eye and need to be tested properly to ensure the correct purification solution is identified, installed and maintained to the highest standards.

For example, Process water could be the water used for washing dirt from vegetables before packaging takes place. As this is the case there any number of contaminants which could be present in the water before and after the process water has been used.

Taking our example a step further, the process water used for washing vegetables is taken from a borehole, some of the contaminants which are present could likely be:-

  • Bacteria
  • Heavy Metals eg, Iron
  • Nitrites
  • Animal/Human contaminants

We at Hydro-Gen are proficient in supplying Filtration for Process Water to solve these issues with our following innovative leading water filters which include: -

Hydro-Gen Engineering can advise on the best type of filtration for process water in your specific situation and provide a detailed bespoke plan for your moving forward to ensure the smooth running of your business, and potentially saving you resources in terms of time, cost and your carbon footprint.