Industrial and municipal wastewater monitoring solution - Water and Wastewater - Water Monitoring and Testing

Emissions of urban wastewater is big in a lot of industries in China, it has caused serious pollution of city surface water. The environmental monitoring center of the city shoulder monitoring work of urban surface environment water and pollution discharge wastewater. the on-line monitoring system is established in order to improve the water quality monitoring capacity. waste water system built an urban wastewater monitoring network system which consists of sewage monitoring station, monitoring center and management center (city municipal environmental protection bureau)

Monitoring system includes:
The sampling system, monitoring system, data acquisition and transmission system;

Monitoring equipment:
COD water quality on-line automatic analyzer (independently researched and developed), ammonia nitrogen water quality on-line automatic analyzer, total phosphorus/orthophosphate water quality on-line automatic analyzer, total nitrogen nitrate nitrogen water quality on-line automatic analyzer, all kinds of heavy metals water quality on-line automatic analyzer.

Purchased equipment:
Ultrasonic open channel flow meter, electromagnetic flow meter, thermometer, PH meter