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Industrial dedusting - Manufacturing, Other

The industrial dedusting field is very varied and branches out in numerous specialized branches. For a preliminary examination of the problem it is necessary to dispose of two series of data: characteristics of the system which emits the pollutants; nature of pollutants and their characteristics.

The first series contains the information on the use of the energy and materials or substances used in the process from which pollutants are originated. For the second one it is important to know the nature and the concentration of dusts; the distribution of the dimensions; the concentration with the medium and extreme values; the characteristics in terms of erosion capacity, abrasion, adhesion, etc.

Toxicity, inflammability, tendency to explosion, are further factors to be checked.
The efficiency of the dedusting systems is influenced by the diameter of the particles and therefore a precise knowledge of the distribution of the dimensions of dusts is very important. If precise data are not available, it is advisable to carry out some samplings so as to get significant results.

The available dedusting systems are configured in a few fundamental types, based on their principle or the basic interception mechanisms:

  • centrifugal separators (cyclones, inertial, gravity)
  • bag / pocket filters
  • wet separators (wet towers, scrubber, wet cyclones)
  • cartridge filters