JVK Filtration Systems GmbH

Industrial filtration solutions for waste water / sewage sector - Water and Wastewater

Waste water treatment and water purification for potable water dewatering and decontamination of industrial and municipal waste water: sewage from dust scrubbers, paper, leather and latex waste water, grinds of wood and stone, coal and ore suspensions from flotation processes neutralization plants, oil refineries metal hydroxide sludges (galvanic) drilling mud of oil rigs.


Sewage Plant

  • Membrane and combination plates 1500x1500 mm

Potable Water

  • Cake drying in the filterpress at 110° C with:
  • JVK membrane plates made from special polypropylene compounds.
  • JVK exchangeable membranes made from special thermal conductive high-temperature-resistant EPDM.