Industrial Meshes for Distillation - Water & Wastewater - Filtration & Separation

In the demanding applications in distillation technology, i.e. the separation of high-molecular compounds, SolidWEAVE metal meshes are applied in structured mesh packs. Wire mesh packs with GKD filter meshes make delicate separation processes possible with low temperatures and short residence time – keyfactors for distillation process reliability.

Large Surface, Low Pressure Loss, High Separation Efficiency
Special features of mesh packs made of GKD mesh for distillation are:

  • large surfaces
  • low pressure loss
  • good capillarity
  • high separation efficiency

Application-Specific Mesh Designs and Materials
Depending on the individual application, GKD manufactures wire mesh in every weavable material, from nonferrous __metals and stainless steels to nickel-based alloys and titanium.

In collaboration with our customers, GKD optimizes the meshes for use in distillation units and produces customized mesh designs for specific applications too.