Industrial Meshes for Fluidization - Water & Wastewater - Filtration & Separation

Pneumatic conveyors lines for conveying media in powder form are equipped with fluidization media made of GEKUPLATE wire mesh laminates. SolidWEAVE stainless steel media satisfy all the requirements which are critical for fluidization.

Homogeneity, Temperature Stability, Graded Permeability

  • GEKUPLATE fluidization media from GKD have extremely homogeneous and reproducible flow properties
  • GKD stainless steel wire mesh has high temperature stability and high abrasion resistance
  • The standard media are available in various permeabilities or are adapted accordingly subject to the customer's application

Basic Fluidization Media and Finished Components
GEKUPLATE fluidization media are available as basic material in the form of sheets. Because of their good tailoring properties, GKD produces finished components from the filter leaves based on the application, such as outlet cones for silos, special ventilation plates or ventilation pipes.