GKD - Gebr. Kufferath AG

Industrial Meshes For Hot Gas Filtration - Air & Climate

The SolidWEAVE stainless steel filters from GKD have for decades been in use in a variety of applications for hot gas filtration. Knowledge of the specific requirements for the filtration of hot gases and continuous optimization and further development result in the high quality of our filter meshes.

Temperature Stability, Durability, Precision

  • The high quality of GKD filter mesh for hot gas filtration is reflected in its:
  • high thermal stability (> 400 degrees Celsius)
  • high durability and service life
  • very high precision and stability of the retention rates.

The selection of the filter media is based on the required particle retention characteristic and the general requirements of the exhaust gas filtration.

SolidWEAVE Stainless Steel Filters as Cartridge Filters, Hose Filters/Bag Filters
On the basis of the existing manufacturing technologies, virtually all filter media in the form of wire mesh laminates or as straight mesh can be used in cartridge filters and baghouse filters. But GKD supplies the filter medium also as a finished, precisely manufactured filter element.