GKD - Gebr. Kufferath AG

Industrial Meshes for Polymer Filtration - Water & Wastewater - Filtration & Separation

The filtration of extruded polymers is a separate application area for SolidWEAVE filter media. The particular requirements of the process_ conditions require customized and continuously optimized manufacturing methods and production processes for the wire mesh filters.

Along with suppliers of filtration equipment and end users GKD has been developing customized solutions for the manufacture of fibres, films and other extruded products for decades. This has optimized both the quality of the end products and the on-stream life of the wire mesh filters.

Precise Filtration Rates, Cleanliness, Customer-Specific Manufacturing

  • Optimized plain dutch weaves provide high flow capacity and dirt-holding capacities at reliable, precise filtration rates
  • SolidWEAVE filter discs and filter elements satisfy the highest requirements of cleanliness and dimensional accuracy
  • Every filter is manufactured specific to the customer's needs

Quality, Economic Efficiency, Process Reliability
GKD applies great care in the manufacture of SolidWEAVE filter elements for polymer filtration. Complex cleaning methods are incorporated in their fabrication. This is the basis for cost-efficient and reliable processing at customer installations.